Josie Colmenares & Mark Ellam

Photographers - Visual Artists

Inspired by Dadaist and Fauvist art, as well as punk bricolage, Josie Colmenares has dabbled in a variety of mediums, but she most enjoys photography. She endeavors to capture elements of these styles in her photographs from highly saturated color to presenting a faucet artfully.

Josie is a native Angeleno of Mexican descent and holds a master’s degree in English Literature. In 2019, six of her photographs were splashed across the walls of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles during the Getty Unshuttered exhibition. Currently, she is developing a photo series focused on the diversity of the Latino community in Los Angeles.

Josie first met Cecilia in 2010 while both were in graduate school. Quickly becoming fast friends, they have spent the past decade as sounding boards and muses for one another. They have collaborated on various projects serving as each other’s editors, critics, and mutually encouraging audiences.

Mark Ellam is a U.S. born street photographer who has spent most of his life living in England. Mark has always had an interest in the arts, particularly music and song writing, but his love and passion is photography.

For Mark, street photography allows him to capture real life as it is happening. With his gritty portraits, Mark strives to capture the essence and emotional tenor of his subjects. He also likes playing with reflections. He enjoys incorporating reflections of his hometown into his portraits.

His career began with an apprenticeship at a professional lab printing work for photographers, followed by an apprenticeship in a photography studio doing commercial PR work, portraits, and weddings, eventually running his own commercial photography business for 14 years.  His newest enterprise is Krouch, a site where he sells images to raise funds for the most vulnerable members of his community. Currently, Mark is planning a future exhibition on dementia.

Photographies 1-3 [Woman walking across the tracks, Man on his knees, and Back of a person's head] belong to Mark Ellam.

Photographies 4-6 [Green door, Smoke and clouds, and High rise] were taken by Josie Colmenares.

Follow Josie and Mark on Instagram @josiecolmenares and @markellamstreet

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