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For the creation of my video "Realization," I downloaded stunning photography by various visual artists from Unsplash and merged them with photos taken by me, and photos of me taken by photographers (Jan E. Vogels, and Pippo Spera). and from my personal albums, such as the two pictures of myself with my extended arms on top of a boulder at Coso Range (photo by Federico Ramos), and by the shore of a river, Río de la Plata in Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay at Sunset time (photograph by Honor Chan). 

I used the Iphone app photoblend to juxtapose images and then I converted them into jpegs.

Although Unsplash images are donweloadable for free, and credit isn’t required, I appreciate the marvelous work of these photographers. 

John Westrock - FOR ALL THE QUIET TIMES WE SHIVER - Bonfire - @johnwestrock

Annie Spratt RAINBOW OVER THE BEACH - Caithness, Halkirk, United Kingdom - @anniespratt

Grant Durr - AMETHYIST AND CITRINE - @blizzard88

Andreas - SUNFLOWERS - @andreasss

Cullan Smith  - BURNING COLD - @cullansmith

Maxim-Tajer  - ENLIGHTMENT OF FIRE - @maxim_tajer

Tony Butleer - DOWNED TREES - Hiking in the High Uintah Mountains @butlerto

Zach Ahmajani - CLOSE UP WAVE - @zachahmajani

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