Sunshower [Lluvia con Sol] -- A Novel's Playlist Like a Panacea in Trying Times

Updated: Jul 21

I started writing a novel last December 17, 2018. However, I doubt that I'll ever finish it—I am a rewriter, so the work is continuously transforming. I don't want to stop discovering all these mind widening treasures as I write along my characters' winding journey. My manuscript is still a hairy creature flashing some iridescence intermittently, but it has a strong-boned skeleton. Music is a crucial theme running across these pages and I allude to many song titles, like rewritten and overwritten palimpsests, however in sounding constancy.

Below you'll find Sunshower [Lluvia con Sol] – A chapter-by-chapter playlist with links to Youtube and Vimeo videos. The playlist is also available on Spotify

Here is a link to my Blogs featuring videos and excerpts from my work in progress created in collaboration with various amazing artists:

©Sunshower [Lluvia con Sol]

a novel in progress

by Cecilia Martinez-Gil



Chapter 2 – EBBS AND FLOWS

  • Mendes Shawn. “Memories.” Handwritten. Island. 2015

  • Mendes Shawn. “Act Like You Love.” Handwritten Revisited. Island. 2015.

  • Weather Report. “Birdland.” Columbia Records. 1977.