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Jo Ngan

Dancer, designer, entrepreneur

Jo is a dancer, designer, entrepreneur and lover of sensuality. She works full time as a digital art director as well as co-owns Haven, LA's first purely rental pole dance studios. Her favorite language is movement, both big and small, seductive and emotional.

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“Lily’s Dance at The Spinoff”

"Her steps towards the stage were sensual, following the cry of mating, the howling of Beck’s guitar. The strumming of strings and keys poured onto the chamber that was the packed club, intermittently from the two amplifiers, which chords also gave rhythm to the movements of her hand gliding from her neck up, under her long and wavy hair arraying, following a sweeping sound on the drumskin and a Chinese gong that showered her hair on her skin, symphonically. The drumstick on the cymbal foreshadowed the arrival of the figure onto the stage that happened exactly when the bass string snored, at 0:30, sliding down to the root of the chord—its musical note seemed as curved and the full band entered. So, Lily’s body undulated as a vertical wave, lowering her shirt to reveal her shoulder, lifting it just a bit, to reveal her right buttock, roundness up and down in body and sound. Her arm stretched and gripped the pole exactly when the beat began."

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