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A - List Musicians

Paul Bushnell, Alphonso Johnson, Carlos Lastra, Federico Navarro Trias --Aquarius Constellations of music and poetry.

Aquarius Constellations


Bob "Boo" Bernstein

Musician - Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar, Lap Steel, Dobro, Mando-Guitar

Bob “Boo” Bernstein has made his mark in the world of pedal steel, working with a long list of country, roots and Latin artists. He has appeared on recordings that have won or been nominated for an Academy Award, Grammys, Latin Grammys, a Golden Globe, Emmys, and Billboard Music Awards.


Eduardo Del Signore

Musician and Composer

Through a wide spectrum of activities inside the international music business, Mr. Del Signore’s various talents continuously achieve remarkable recognition.


Gabriela Martinez


Singer and Songwriter Gabriela Martínez.



Singer, musician, composer

i sing and i speak in obscure quotes from common movies.


Scarlet Rivera

American violinist

Scarlet Rivera, born Donna Shea, is an American violinist. She is best known for her work with Bob Dylan, in particular on his 1976 album Desire and as part of the Rolling Thunder Revue.


Volcano Radar

Julia Miller - guitarist & Elbio Barilari - multi-instrumentalist

Volcano Radar (Barilari/Miller) is a fusion of ecstatic improvisational energy and Apollonian intellect.


A-List Authors Clegg Hudson McCartney Novey

Writers Whose Works of Literature We All Ought to Read

This is a Digital Acknowledgements Page, featuring biographical information about four authors that inspired my blog post on The Craft of Reading: Idra Novey, Alistair McCartney, Genevieve Hudson, and Bill Clegg.


BreeAnn Getman

Master of space

My name is BreeAnn Getman . I am studying astrophysics and am a musician. Art and science give me purpose. I continually explore ideas of size and I try doing exactly what I find interesting.


Federico Navarro & Sirena Flores

Musicians: Composer/Guitarist/Producer and Singer/Songwriter

Federico Navarro and Sirena Flores


Jo Ngan

Dancer, designer, entrepreneur

Jo is a dancer, designer, entrepreneur and lover of sensuality. She works full time as a digital art director as well as co-owns Haven, LA's first purely rental pole dance studios. Her favorite language is movement, both big and small, seductive and emotional.


Paul Bushnell

Musician, Composer, Bass Guitar Player

Paul Bushnell - bass player extraordinaire


Siolo Thompson

Writer and illustrator

Seattle based writer and illustrator known for her clean, minimalist prose and realistic renderings of the human figure and the natural world.


Wendy Call

Assistant Professor, Pacific Lutheran University

Translation & Language Justice Advocacy


Alphonso Johnson

Bass and Band Leader

An iconic musician from Philadelphia whose contributions with the electric bass set the landscape of music to come.


David S. Whitley


David S. Whitley received his PhD in archaeology from UCLA. He digs holes in the ground for a living, like all archaeologists.


Federico Ramos


Uruguayan born musician Federico Ramos is the principal guitarist in the multiple award-winning Disney-Pixar animated film COCO.


Levi Hastings

Illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer in Seattle

His work reflects lifelong obsessions with travel, pop culture and natural history. Between creative projects, he’s either trying a new restaurant or planning the next trip with his husband.


Ricardo Federico Giordano Rivero

Visual Artist - Painter

bio and links coming soon


Unsplash Photography

Unsplash is a source of freely useable images. Powered by gifted creators everywhere in the world.

Stunning photographs for the creation of "Realization," a Video MAP (music, art & poetry).

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