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    Cecilia Martinez-Gil & Levi Hastings

    From Santa Monica to Seattle to and from a virtual cross-pollination of my words and Levi Hastings' images for the International Journal Levure Litteraire.

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    The Corsair | Cecilia Martinez-Gil, The Poet

    Readings At Santa Monica College Literary Series: "Since she was eight years old, Cecilia Martinez-Gil has thought of herself as a poet." After the tragic death of her grandfather, the shocked young girl saw no other solution then to confine her deepest emotions in a tangle of poetry.

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    The Huffpost | Psaltery, Serpentines, a Long Way from Home

    The HuffPost - Review by Gabriel Lerner: "For Hispanic Heritage Month, I offer some poems by Cecilia Martinez-Gil."

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    The Paddock Review | Prewriting Exercise: fountain of ink

    Publication on The Paddock Review: A Poem by Cecilia Martinez-Gil "Fountain of Ink." September 7, 2017

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    Unlikely Stories | A fix of ink

    Publication on Unlikely Stories

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    Unlikely Stories | Poems on Identity and Place

    Publication on Unlikely Stories. Cecilia's Poems on Otherness, Liminalities and in-Betweennesses, and the Search for Duende, Sustainability and Resilience
    by Cecilia Martinez-Gil

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