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Singer, musician, composer

My daughter Magaluna is endowed with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard.
True, I am biased, but I doubt anyone would question such bias if you listen to her single, recorded a Capitol Records last summer, 2018 and released last December 2018 in all those places where you stream your music. Ask Alexa, or Siri: Play Magaluna’s Couldn’t Say It Better. And she will. 

Anyway, when Magaluna recorded herself for the video "Ekphrasis of Cassandra's Vow of Love," her voice was throaty and her recitation breathy, which rendered the tone and sound that I had just imagined for one of my novel’s main characters, Cassandra. 

Synergy with my daughter goes back to when she was in my belly. I’d ask her something, and she’d respond. Then moving or kicking inside my womb, now, singing and her voice is like noctilucae lightening my path. 

Magaluna also helps me edit videos, add credits, synch these dimensions and crosppolinations in honed synergy.

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