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Paul Bushnell

Musician, Composer, Bass Guitar Player

Virtuoso Bass player Paul Bushnell was born in Dublin, Ireland to musical parents.  Bushnell came to California having produced, played on, and musical directed all of the music for the hit Irish movie The Commitments. This was to be the beginning of his second life time having been a live musician with many artists in Ireland in his 20’s.

Initially the 'laid-back' California lifestyle caught him in it's pillowy grip. However, he still wanted to play live, instead of diving into producing immediately. But gigging in small clubs led to involvement with a few great CA bands/songwriters such as Danny Peck, The Boxing Gandhi's, The Search, and then his band family Ednaswap (…writers of the Natalie Imbruglia hit Torn). 

Being seen playing live led to recording sessions and to what is now quite a substantial and diverse discography with artists such as Faith Hill , Tim McGraw, Neil Young, Shakira, Elton John, Phil Collins, Sugarland/ Jennifer Nettles, LL Cool J, Tracy Chapman , Luciano Pavarotti, Laura Pausini, Mylene Farmer, The Weeknd, Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, John Fogerty, Niall Horan, to name a few. 

Bushnell had a brief sortie in to the world of Hip Hop tracking with Royce Da 5-9, Ja Rule on his Pain is Love CD, and co openning the chorus lyric and playing almost all instruments on the LL COOL J Billboard hit Hush.

Right now, in this time of Covid, Paul Bushnell spends his time producing music and writing a musical at home. He hopes to be be back to touring as bass player and studio musician with his Nashville family, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, with whom Bushnell has worked for 19 years.

I met Cecilia Martinez-Gil at an afternoon gathering. We hit it off immediately on an artistic and personal level. Her energy is infectious!! We decided we had to do something creative together. She said that she had a project in mind and that she would send me something to consider and hopefully inspire. The result of that is what you can now enjoy, sung by the unique and incredible Gabriela Martinez…………The Irish Lullaby.

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