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MAP - The Making of Rain with Sun - Brook's Poetic Ecosystems.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

My novel's title is Sunshower [Lluvia con Sol], which title was inspired by a song written and composed by Jaime Roos. Maestro guitarist Federico Navarro created a fantastic cover, and the beautiful Sirena sang the verses in Spanish and English. Federico Ramos provided the footage from the Big Sur's Redwoods. The result is a stunning video entitled ©Rain with Sun.

I will soon share stories about the mind-blowing but always creative connections and confluences spanning thirty years between me, Federico Ramos, Federico Navarro and Jaime Roos. "The Magic of Music --Musicians as Magicians."



Excerpt from ©Sunshower [Lluvia con Sol]

Chapter Eleven: The Shoulders of the Giants

[where we stand upon]”

©Cecilia Martinez-Gil


The Epigraph:

Dijiste que lloverá

Todo un arte y sin embargo

Se están burlando de vos

Se ríen de vos

Y tu mirada es,

tu mirada sigue siendo igual

Lluvia con sol

Más aquí está

Ya está aquí la tempestad

Lluvia con sol

You said that it will rain

A whole art and nonetheless,

People are mocking you

People scoff at you

And your gaze is

Your gaze remains serene

Rain with sun

But it’s here already

The tempest is here

Rain with sun.

“Lluvia con Sol,” a song by Jaime Roos.

Translated by Cecilia Martinez-Gil

[with his permission and approval]



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